Installing CPABuild Deployment Package

Cache Folder

Checking for /cache folder...
Cache folder exists!


Pretty URL test:

Non-Pretty URL test: (Notice the added ? question mark)

Checking for .htaccess file...
Htaccess exists! Checking if it's working...
Htaccess running! Pretty url format should work!

Next Steps

  1. The sections above might ask you to fix something and re-run the script. Do those first. The Cache section is more important than the htaccess section.
  2. Try a private URL. View your private URLS here. If your private URI is "movies", your link will look like this:
  3. Are you getting a 403 Forbidden error? Delete the .htaccess (you may have to enable "hidden" files in your file manager).
  4. Change your homepage (currently this page). Edit the file config.php and change the line
    Where movies is the private URI (you can use any private uri as a homepage).
  5. When you are satisfied, delete the install.php file. If you ever need to run the installation again, just re-download the package from CPABuild.